NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

NMT Works with the Body’s Own Innate Intelligence to Heal.

Non-Invasive, Rapid, Durable

Much like a car, computer, or other machine, the body needs regular maintenance or it gets sick.

Over time a computer slows down, runs inefficiently, is exposed to software and the internet and may acquire viruses, software glitches and wear and tear on the hardware. Similarly, the body encounters pathogens, injuries, trauma that contribute to illness. Emotions, beliefs, thoughts, stress, as well as physical exposures pile on, creating many small internal break downs.

Even arguments, anger and resentments contribute to an unbalanced state. If not discharged, residual effects from these experiences stay stuck in the mind-body, and when accumulated, lead to dis-ease.

These many “hits” to the body create confusion and sickness. NMT removes the confusion.

NMT is a process of helping the body remember how to function optimally.

How Distance Healing

Please enjoy this interview where I speak in detail about NMT, courtesy of the Healing With Vibration Summit.
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