Results Speak Volumes...

Derek from PA – He’s talking about how it feels to be free and be his true self, have a voice, how his body limits him, all the things he wants to do. He’s becoming much more fluent with the letter board. He’s very happy in the more stimulating, educational environment. He can sit for 3 hrs (amazing), sits and absorbs.

AS, boy age 3 – Since the session, he has been more calm, at peace and present. He’s able to sit and relax. He could not previously and was always on the move even when painfully tired. He is more engaging—which is huge. Fine motor skills are improving; he tried blowing (a dandelion) and was able to for the first time. He pays more attention to communication directed at him. He also followed directions without my presence in the room (I was able to sneak a peak). The peace and presence are the best changes since the session.
~ CS, California

NK, boy age 6 – After his first session, we noticed quite a few differences. First of all he seems so much happier! I see the light again in his eyes and he smiles big big smiles almost all the time! He is definitely more aware, receptive, and engaged. He’s being much more vocal. He seems to be comprehending more of what is being said.  I’ve seen him trying to eat with his spoon a couple of times. He is not running anymore when his younger brother comes into the room. He and his older brother seem to be more peaceful. A few hours after our first session with Luminara, he hugged his older brother and kissed him on the back when he came home from school, which was something very unusual and surprising.
~ JN, Fort Collins, CO

AP, boy age 5 – After his first session, we noticed his aggressiveness and shouting back at us when irritated or angry has come down a bit. Also, his therapist informed us that his vocalization is much clearer and better. 
LM, Bangalore, India

DK, boy age 4 – This report came back from a Mom who was replaying her son’s NMT session file: “Amazing surge in speech again, drawing, and playing music like he used to…” 
 ~DK, New York, NY

DH, young man age 23 – After only 1 session he arrived home from theatre practice and his aide reported: “He was singing!”
~ DH, Coatesville, PA

JS, young man age 23 – After 4 sessions he is continuing to do well. He is much calmer and his nervous system seems to be resetting-meaning that he is not in a constant state of flight/fight. His OCD behavior has also decreased. While he does sometimes still get stuck in a repeating pattern, it occurs less frequently and the intensity is also lessened. He can often be redirected after a few minutes. This is a huge improvement. He seems to be happier overall and more at peace.
~ JS, Woodmere, NY

AA, boy age 6 ½ – After 3 sessions he is trying to talk more and his words sound more clear than before. His sentences are getting longer. He surprised me the other day when he said, “I-want-some-water-to-drink please.” He pauses after each word like he’s trying so hard to speak. I was so happy as I had never heard him say that before. He surprises us with new words and new things like counting to 30, saying his ABCs, and I am now trying to teach him sight words etc.
He is also holding his pencil much better and his tracing has actually improved.He has bowel movements almost every day now and he is not bloated and gassy like before. He is potty trained and just goes to the bathroom when he needs to. I only have him wear diapers at night because he drinks lots of water before he sleeps. 
~AA, Apple Valley, CA

BP, boy age 6 ½ – I feel like I’m getting my precious little boy back, and he is so much happier!!! I just can’t thank you enough for all you are doing. We have done COUNTLESS amounts of therapy have spent close to $80,000.00 and I have never seen results like we are seeing since we started NMT. I keep getting feedback like below, I could just cry with gratitude! The teacher reported: “He has been doing so well. So much so that we haven’t really had the need to use his behavior chart in weeks! He has been working very hard and his confidence is starting to grow. He’s starting to raise his hand a lot more now during whole group lessons!”
~ MP, Stamford, CT

LW, girl age 5 – Her moods are regulated, she is so much happier throughout the day, her tantrums are much shorter and occurring only 3 days a week, she has only hit herself twice, and she doesn’t throw her body onto the ground. She is understanding how to share (toys, books, take turns,etc.) and does it naturally sometimes (initiates), she does not avoid the TV anymore, she only spends four hours a day in her “office” [a confined space in the stairwell] (vs. 10-12 before) and she has changed its location to the other stairwell (close to the bathroom and living areas) so she can interact with us more. She is showing new interest in household tasks (changing sheets on beds, wiping up spills), and the greatest change has been in speech! She went through about a 7 week period where she really didn’t say much because of collecting saliva. While that ended a month ago, she really didn’t become vocal again until recently. She “talks” every day now. Most of the words are not English, but she is trying every day. And she sings happy songs again! We can actually understand most of the words in her songs because they are songs I teach them for school. I guess it’s safe to say she is showing a lot of improvement. We have a way to go, but I’m thankful to see so much change in a short amount of time!
~ LW, Creedmore, NC

NC, boy age 7 – He walked most of the day on an outing, when in the past that would have never happened. Falling asleep easier. Not running away, calmer, less stimming. Working better for teachers at school, testing boundaries. Made eye contact when handing in a paper. Teachers are seeing improvements.
~ SC, Portland, OR

KO, boy age 3 ½ – There’s more self-awareness and of the external environment, more independent play with toys and less ipad and phone usage; more interaction with brother and wants a friend from church. Muscle tone has improved. He’s spontaneously speaking on his own; walking more instead of darting from place to place; not running away. Receptive language is improving. “He’s not as much hard work as he used to be”.
~ KO, Edgware, England

AP, boy age 7 – He’s not so irritable, not crying, calmer, more mature, more jovial, more engaged, appropriate behavior.
~ AP, East Brunswick, New Jersey

MT, boy age 7 – At school is able to sit down and do work, writing his name, reading instructions.
~ LT, Quebec City, Canada

SV, boy age 9 with ADHD, tics, anxiety, food and chemical sensitivities, falls a lot, birth trauma – After 1st session there was a lot of progress: more on task at school, more grounded, fewer injuries, sleeping well, weight gain, tics decreased, no weird outbursts, friendships going better, coordination better, assigned more responsibilities at school.
~ DB, Santa Cruz, CA

JS, 26-yr old man with regurgitation of food/burping, leaking urine, depression – Leaking urine improved 40%, cognition improved, mood improved significantly, more focused and needing no guidance and being efficient at tasks, engaged as a good conversationalist at the dinner table with non-family.
~ SA, Madison, WI

NT, boy age 8 not focused enough to go to school, skin rashes, learning difficulties, forgot what he once knew, stimming behavior, lack of comprehension, hyperactivity, OCD, anxiety, constipation, disturbed sleep – Now going to school and likes it, sleep improved, good improvement in comprehension, calmer, more attentive, responds to his name, follows instructions most of the time, reads letters on t-shirts correctly, expressing himself with actions (more expressive), less inappropriate actions, asks for what he wants, less climbing on furniture.
~ BT, Mumbai, India

RVP, boy age 11 with obsessions and delays in play and social interaction; unclear speech, anxiety, allergies to most foods; mouthing and biting things; flapping and stimming on books; no awareness of surroundings; repeating words, always asking for approval or to repeat answers – Now understands parents, will say something in conversation, responds appropriately, understands sequence of things to do, six to 7 word sentences, less sensitive to foods, very alert and picking things up fast at school, headaches stopped.
~ SR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

RSP, boy age 8 with sleep disturbances, allergic to most foods and smells, limited speech and communication, no attention to schoolwork, teeth grinding, stimming, tearing papers and messing up the environment around him, partial toilet training, headaches. He has grown, put on weight, started doing new things, looking at nursery rhyme books, less sensitive to surroundings particularly smells, reading better, more confidant with words, poops more after NMT session, with elimination the signs of detoxification were there; odd colors, smelly; mood improvements, more calm, better toileting in general; able to concentrate for an hour at a time; better interaction with brother; following 1-step direction; no more headaches stopped; adapting to new foods, more awareness; better able to control tantrums; answers appropriately to questions rather than repeating the question.
~ SR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

RWP, older brother not being treated, age 13 – Sleeping better, diarrhea better, calmer, mom and dad feeling better, more peace in the house.
~ SR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

JL, boy age 6 – It has been only a month since we starting working with Luminara and I could see lots of nice progress in my 6 year-old son in all areas: firstly his health and immunity, he recovered a lot faster from his fever and nasty cough last week compared with previous episodes. My son also started to show social interaction with his school friends and his speech is also picking up nicely. His stimming behavior is still there but has greatly reduced and most remarkable progress is his learning ability, he can now focus and pay attention to what he is learning.
~ C.H. Johor, W Malaysia

Improvement in 25-yr old Autistic Man – We have searched for answers to our son’s Autism for years.  We have tried it all!  Sensory Integration therapy, Auditory Integration therapy, Speech, OT, Cranial Sacrial Therapy, GF/CF diet, prescribed medications, three rounds of Stem Cell treatment, nutritional supplementation.  We even swam with the Dolphins!  There was a place for all therapies, but unfortunately, minimal improvement over the years. Upon starting NMT, we noticed immediate improvement in our son.  He was in a definite state of depression even though on psychotropic drugs. Since starting NMT, he has done a 360 turn around!  From depression to smiling and laughing!  He is controlling negative behaviors and has less aggression.  We are able to redirect him (no episodes or meltdowns).  Our son still has many issues, but this is a good start. I now look forward to upcoming NMT sessions! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!
~ Jane T., Minnesota

Asperger’s Syndrome and Chronic TMJ Pain My 19 year old son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 18.  In looking for treatments for him, I eventually found Luminara. Through NMT, she has helped him quickly eliminate toxins, with leaky-gut and brain repair, indicate good supplements including homeopathic remedies  (through supplement testing), and correct negative emotions and beliefs about himself.  As a result, he is much healthier, his memory and focus have improved, has much less anxiety, depression,and obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as travels better. His behavior is much improved, including having much fewer outbursts and agitations.

She has also greatly helped him with his TMJ disorder, which has caused chronic pain for at least three years. He had tried accupuncture, chiropractic care, CranioSacral therapy, massage therapy, and pain medications, which all helped to alleviate the pain somewhat, but he still suffered daily from some sort of jaw, neck, or head pain.  Luminara was able to eliminate the pain in one session, and any residual pain she is able to quickly resolve. For the first time in years he is without pain, which has made his days much more enjoyable. With NMT he is much better able to face life.  I would say he quickly healed in spirit, mind, and body. 
~ Nikki N.,  Port Orchard, WA

Autistic Behavior and Genetic Mutation Salem is a child that was developmentally doing fine until around 18 months when my husband said come look at Salem–he was downstairs spinning and not responding to his name and his gait was off.  He was admitted into the hospital for a week and they ran all sorts of tests.   He had CK levels and a bunch of abnormal blood work.  After Salem got released from the hospital I started searching the internet; I knew there was something out there to help him.  I was searching in the Autism reports and found information about Luminara. We were so blessed that we found her!  She worked on everything from his digestion, body flora, gait, neurological issues and repairing of his dystrophin gene mutation and chewing issues.  Now Salem’s gait is back to normal, his receptive language has improved dramatically, he no longer sleeps bent over due to his gut hurting him, he is chewing food like a normal 3-year old, he is coming to get our attention when he needs help with something, and he is verbal! I highly recommend Luminara’s services for your child if you suspect their body is not functioning normally as it should be and if you feel the MD’s have nothing more to offer. Believe me, I have been thru this twice and they do not have all the answers; they do not study about natural medicine. I have learned prescription medicine is not the cure-all for everything; it is a cover up!  Luminara works with all different levels of a person – emotional, physical, biochemical, energetic – and heals at each level.  We have seen such outstanding results with Salem and are so blessed!  Thank you so much Luminara for your guidance and healing!
~ Tammi A., St. Louis, MO

Dramatic Improvements from NMT We have had dramatic improvements as a result of Neuromodulation Technique. My son, who was diagnosed with Mild to Moderate Autism has recently been evaluated as being entirely off the Autistic Spectrum, and he truly is. He is left with some gross motor delays, social immaturity, and some anxiety, sensory, and focus issues. NMT is also being used to treat his Lyme Disease, developmental delays, and allergies. The first NMT treatment was amazing – his six month extreme obsession with bats and Batman became a normal childhood interest after only a 10 minute treatment.

The following treatments results in a dramatic lessening of his phobias of dogs, loud noises, etc. He used to sleep 17 hours a day  and he was four years old. After the obsessions, the next symptoms to go were the hypersomnolence, fatigue and then the mood swings. We continue to use NMT to assist in working on his gross motor delays and appropriate socialization. During die-off periods from the lyme treatment he is receiving from a Lyme doctor, we do get increased symptoms in some areas. NMT is helping lessen these die-offs significantly.

My son is now average for fine motor skills, he is compliant and sweet, and there is no more self-stimulation at all. He wants to socialize with other children and he is cooperative. His sensory issues are lessened as well. His impulsivity, distractibility, and lack of focus are improved, his gait is improving, and his anxiety is lessened. 
~ Kristin, Texas