Autism Recovery Telesummits

Own the Autism Recovery Telesummit Interviews and slides from Autism Transformed's past telesummits. Give yourself the gift to take your time to really listen, digest and make decisions from all there is to learn from these powerful autism recovery experts.

Please join, as Luminara interviews doctors, scientists, nutritionists and more, who will share the most up to date strategies used in the recovery of the symptoms known as autism.

Learn what drainage, detox, supplemental nutrition and the right food have to do with healing your child.

You'll also find:
– care for the caregiver (Hint: you!)
– stories of fully recovered kids
– how to help with speech development and reflex integration
– learn about brain dysfunction and inflammation, and what to do about it so your child develops and thrives
– helping the gut heal and calming the nervous system
– help for picky eating and tough behaviors
– plus a whole lot more!

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Autism Recovery Summit 4 – May 2020

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Luminara interviews doctors, scientists, holistic practitioners and outside-the-box specialists who will share methods, tips, practical actions, new perspectives, and stories of recovery.

Covered are
– steps for stimulating speech, development, sociability.
– Help for sleep, anxiety, agression and tantrums.
– How to know healthy food choices for your child, brain development based on movement. 
– A look at the underlying causitive factors.
– Five expert autism doctors answer the questions you're thinking.


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Autism Recovery Summit 3 – October 2018

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Learn effective strategies the top experts are using to move children off the autism spectrum.

Over 30 doctors, scientists, natural health practitioners and parents were featured in the summit, and shared proven treatments that get results. The summit starts with Raun Kaufman, Director of Global Education at the Autism Treatment Center of America, who teaches a powerful and effective treatment for those on the autism spectrum.

Autism Recovery Summit 2 – October 2017

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Aired 2016

Please join Luminara, along with 25 other doctors, scientists, holistic practitioners and parents who will share methods, tips, practical actions, new perspectives, recovery stories and HOPE for your child or the children you work with.

Parents, whether your child has been newly diagnosed, has hit a plateau in recovery or is developing new skills every day; we’ve got insights and tools for you. Purchase this summit for your educational needs!

You'll receive the most essential, cutting edge information and strategies to create a huge leap in your child’s behaviors and life. Find the calm within instead of anxiety and tantrums

  • Sleep well and wake up rested
  • Focus, pay attention, motivate
  • Become more sociable and integrated with friends and life
  • Eliminate tummy and head pain to feel better overall
  • Be in more connection with you and those around her/him
  • Speak, express, communicate fully
  • Be happy, expressing who s/he really is
  • Eat a variety of healthy food without sensitivities
  • Make eye contact and say, “I love you, Mama”
  • And so much more!

Autism Recovery Summit 1 – January, 2016

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See what parents are saying...


“Thanks to everyone who contributes to and organizes this telesummit it gives so many of us hope, wonderful information, innovative ideas, and best of all the research is done for us so we save something that is so valuable to us – time!” – JN


“I can't stop taking notes. There is loads of information which is mostly very practical and doable.” – HM


“I am getting a wealth of useful information to help my child from this year's telesummit.” – LS

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